Friday, April 4, 2008

Driving an A8

Audi S8 Road Test
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The test vehicle was fitted with optional radar cruise control and four-zone climate control. The former works well, but in my opinion is unrefined technology at this present time. It’s impossible to drive with it in dense traffic and it immensely annoys other drivers as it constantly has to activate the brake lights when slowing down. The latter though, a perfect options for this car’s target demographic.
Audi S8 Road Test
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I always get the same feeling when driving an A8. I always feel limited as a driver in terms of the things I can do – gadget wise. The other German competition – BMW and Mercedes – have such advanced onboard computers, they simply put the Audi unit to shame.
Audi S8 Road Test
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The Mercedes unit fitted to the S-class – called COMAND –let’s you program everything, even down to the lighting ambience in the cabin. iDrive in the 7-series will allow you to call your best mate without you even taking your hand off the steering wheel. The Audi system is very yesterday and doesn’t feel at all advanced in comparison to its German rivals.
Audi S8 Road Test
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Ali munir said...

The parts that need to be added are boxed in with a dashed white line. The parts consist of (2) .1uF ceramic capacitors, (1) 1k resistor, (1) wire jumper (simply a piece of wire...I used a lead of the resistor), (1) 74HC373 chip, and (1) 29C256 chip (thats the EPROM). The resistor and capacitors have no polarity, so you don't have to worry about installing them backwards. The 74HC373 chip does have a polarity. Pin 1 will be on the left side of the pic (you'll see in detail later one). The same is true for the EPROM chip. Since it would be impossible to burn a chip and have the tune be perfect, it becomes obvious that you don't want to solder the
chip for car in. Instead, use a socket so that it can be removed. You have two options: for less than $1, you can get a standard DIP socket

manoj singh said...

The company claims that Audi A8 would be the most luxurious and comfortable car in its segment. The car is expected to launch in 3 exclusive variants out of which two will be petrol and one will be diesel engine model. Audi A8

Autoinfoz said...

Audi A8 is Luxury Car